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According to the rules stipulated by the Faculty of Biosciences of Heidelberg University, PhD students are to attend a number of scientific and non-scientific training activities. The minimum requirement of a PhD student’s total workload in the accompanying training program during the PhD term is 15 Credit Points (CP), according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
Credit points can e.g. be collected in teaching modules, either offered by HBIGS or other institutions, such as Collaborative Research Centers (CRC), Research Training Groups (RTG), the Graduate Academy or Core Facilities of Heidelberg University.
Modules may include:
- Method courses
- Soft skill trainings
- Workshops
- Scientific Meetings with personal contribution (talk or poster)
- Summer schools with personal contribution (talk or poster)
- Student-led initiatives e.g. Retreats with personal contribution (talk or poster)

Booking of HBIGS courses is possible exclusively through the HBIGS online system (accessible for HBIGS members only).

Click on icon to download regulations about the HBIGS Training Program & Accreditation of Courses (effective as of 6 Dec 2022).

HBIGS PhD students who wish their participation in courses, trainings, scientific meetings or other activities taken outside HBIGS to be accredited are requested to fill in the "external course notification" form and send the document to r.lutz(at)hbigs.uni-heidelberg.de
(click on icon to download form)

Records of HBIGS Scientific Courses

2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 02/2019, 01/2019, 02/2018, 01/2018, 02/2017, 01/2017, 02/2016, 01/2016, 02/2015, 01/2015, 02/2014, 01/2014, 02/2013, 01/2013, 02/2012, 01/2012, 02/2011, 01/2011, 02/2010, 01/2010, 02/2009, 01/2009, 02/2008, 01/2008

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