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HBIGS Annual Meeting 2010

On 18 March 2010 the 2nd HBIGS Annual Meeting took place in Heidelberg (-> Read Program)

HBIGS students presentations

Anja Kiezmann (Steinbeisser Group, Inst Hum Gen): Paraxial Protocadherin (PAPC) inhibits the Wnt/β-catenin signalling in Xenopus laevis

Klaas Mulder (Bartenschlager Group, Virol Inst): The role of Dengue Virus NS4A

Deepitha Selvaraj (R. Kuner Group, Pharmacol Inst): Elucidating the role of VEGF and its receptors in pain perception and cancer induced pain

Stefan Mockenhaupt (Grimm Group, Bioquant): Alleviation of adverse shRNA off-targeting via vector-encoded passenger strand decoys

Martin Loibl (Strahl Group, HIP): Macromolecular organization of the O-mannosylation machinery

Nina Malchus (Weiss Group, DKFZ): Elucidating the interaction of misfolded proteins with the quality control machinery in the endoplasmic reticulum

Luis Castillo (Kraeusslich Group, Virol Inst): Structural Insights into HIV-1 capsid maturation

Yan Yu (Bading Group, IZN): Functional analysis of light activated calcium channels in different subcellular compartments.

Guest speakers

Prof. Daniel Gerlich (ETH, Zürich): Automated live cell imaging to study human cell division

Prof. Jochen Wittbrod (HIZ): From eye morphogenesis to the digital embryo

Prof. Dirk Görlich (MPI, Göttingen): Mechanisms in nucleo-cytoplasmic transport

Poster session, Poster Award & Oral presentation Award

Three prizes for the Best Posters (out of 45) were awarded to the following PhD students:

1st prize: Ying Wang (Grosse Group)

2nd prize: Jennifer Hofmann (Gruss Group, ZMBH)

3rd prize: Anja Weick (Augustin Group, DKFZ)

The prize for the Best Presentation was awarded to Nina Malchus (Weiss Group, DKFZ)

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