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HBIGS Annual Meeting 2009

On 26 March 2009 the HBIGS Annual Meeting took place in Heidelberg (-> Read Program)

Welcome & Annual Report

Prof. Hartmut Hoffmann-Berling
Prof. Bernhard Eitel (Rector Heidelberg University)
Wolfgang Erichson (City of Heidelberg)
Dr. Sebastian Granderath (DFG)
Prof. Dr. Michael Lanzer (HBIGS Director)
Prof. Dr. Elmar Schiebel (HBIGS Director)

W. Erichson, Vice Major of the City of Heidelberg
Prof. H. Hoffmann-Berling
Dr. S Granderath, DFG
Prof. B. Eitel, Rector of Heidelberg University
Prof. M. Lanzer, HBIGS Director
Prof. E. Schiebel, HBIGS Director

HBIGS student´s presentations

Annette Schmidt (Wittbrodt group, HIZ): The Zebrafish Digital Embryo - Quantitative and Global Analysis of Early Embryogenesis

Özgür Tataroglu (Brunner group, BZH): Mechanism of temperature compensation of biological clocks

Balca Mardin (Schiebel group, ZMBH): Regulation by localization: A novel pathway for centrosome splitting

Arne Bartol (Augustin group, DKFZ): The role of the Angiopoietin-Tie system in maturation and maintenance of human blood vessels

Mark-Oliver Diesner (Spatz group, Institute of Biophysical Chemistry): Controlling alternative splicing and cell fate through nanostructured, biofunctionalized substrates

Thomas Horn (Boutros group, DKFZ): Identification of synthetic genetic interactions using RNA interference

Stefan Czemmel (Rausch group, HIP): Flavonoid biosynthesis in grapevine

Janina Baade (Frischknecht group, Dep of Infectiology): Malaria parasite motility studies using micro-structured substrates

Theresa Manful (Clayton group, ZMBH): mRNA degradation in Trypanosomes: The role of 5'-3'exonucleases

Aleksandra Pietrosiuk (Mogk group, ZMBH): The novel role of the ATPase ClpV in bacterial Type IV protein secretion

Philipp Kulozik (Herzig group, DKFZ): TBL1 - diabetes and fatty liver

Stefano Gerola (Institute of Clinical Chemistry): Predisposition for Colorectal Cancer: Models for Tumor Development and Potential Surveillance through CEACAMs Molecules

Guest speaker´s presentations

Prof. Bernhard Hauer (BASF): Industrial Biotechnology at BASF: Today and tomorrow

Dr. Ann-Kristin Müller (Hygiene-Institute): Pre-emptive strike against malaria: Deciphering antigenic specificity and effector mechanisms induced by attenuated malaria parasites

HBIGS lecture
Prof. Lutz Gissmann (DKFZ): Development of HPV vaccines

Poster session, Poster Award & Oral presentation Award

Three prizes for the Best Poster were awarded to the following PhD students:
1st prize: Ina Berger (Rottbauer Group, Department of Internal Medicine III (Cardiology), University Hospital)
2nd prize: Alma Husedzinovic (Gruss Group, ZMBH)
3rd prize: Dorothea Droll (Clayton Group, ZMBH)

The prize for the Best Presentation was awarded to Annette Schmidt (Wittbrod Group, HIZ)

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The Annual Meeting Movie (by Stefano Gerola)

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