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Requirements for Application and Admission -
Fast Track

Fast track applicants are requested to apply via the "unsolicited application" option and to provide the following information:

1. Secondary school leaving certificate
Submit with your application your Secondary school leaving certificate or your "Abiturzeugnis". No translation of the document into German or English is required at this stage of the application process.

2. Academic records
Submit your official transcripts of academic records from every postsecondary institution attended for at least one year as a full-time student. Academic records should give information on the type and content of courses taken (Diploma supplement) and the grades you received.

3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

4. Statement of Purpose
Write a statement (+/- 500 words) describing why you wish to become a member of HBIGS, your preparation for this field of study and your future career plans. Describe the area of biology you find most interesting, your previous research experience, and other aspects of your background and interests which may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your aptitude and motivation for the programme.

5. Contact details of two referees + two reference letters from these referees
You have two options. Either you upload the letters of recommendation (LOR) or your referees send them as .pdf file only (!) to . In the latter case you have to write a statement that your LOR will be sent directly to us, and upload this as .pdf file (one .pfd document for every recommendation letter). Please note, however, that your application can only be considered as completed upon receipt of both LOR.

6. Fill in and upload the "Statement of acceptance as PhD student" (click on icon to download document)
Please upload the document in the field "Academic records".

7. For technical reasons Fast track applicants are requested to write and upload a statement that they are exempted from providing proof of language proficiency.

Admission Procedure for Fast Track applicants

Fast Track applicants are eligible for HBIGS membership without further assessment (no shortlisting, no interview, no subject test) if they have finished the respective MSc program (Mol Biosci, Mol Biotech, or Biochem) if the grade point average achieved until the start of the MSc thesis is 75+ (grade points according to the Heidelberg grading system).

All other applicants will be invited for interview to Heidelberg. The interview process includes a 30 minute panel interview conducted by three HBIGS faculty members and a written GRE-like subject test. During the panel interviews, the candidates will give a 5-7 minute oral presentation of their past, current or future research project ("chalk talk"). The oral presentation is followed by a question and answer session.
In order to obtain an impartial criterion in addition to the panel interviews the applicants will take a written GRE-like subject test of about 2 hours. The test covers a broad range of topics in Molecular & Cellular Biology, Biochemistry and General Biology from standard text books like Alberts et al., Stryer et al. etc.

The final decision about admission will be taken by the HBIGS Executive Board. Admission letters will go out shortly after the interview process.

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