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The Heidelberg Biosciences International Graduate School (HBIGS) was founded in October 2007. The vision of the Graduate School is to attract the best and brightest doctoral researchers from around the world to pursue doctoral studies at Heidelberg University by offering excellent research opportunities and comprehensive academic and complementary training in a vibrant and stimulating scientific environment.
The focus of the Graduate School on molecular and cellular biology takes into account that molecular and cellular biology provides the conceptual and technological foundation on which most other fields, sub-disciplines and specialized areas of life and biosciences rest - from structural biology to bioinformatics, from molecular medicine to biotechnology, and from immunology to systems biology.

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Last update: 17 Oct 2019


Oct 2019
The HBIGS Faculty elected a new Spokesperson, Prof. Michael Knop, and a new Executive Board member, Prof. Andres Jaeschke. Congratulations!  

Sep 2019
New elected HBIGS PhD student speakers are
Usama Dabbas (Speaker)
Romina Celada (Vice Speaker)
Lukas Frese(Vice Speaker)


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